University Council

Dr. Mahmoud Reza Rahimi   

President of  University


Dr. shahabedin Hatami    

Vice-President for Academic Affairs


Dr. Mohammad Hossein Bazyar

Vice-President for Planning and Development

Dr. Hajir Karimi

Vice-President for Research Affairs

Dr. Fariborz Nikdel

Vice-President for Cultural and Students Affairs

Dr. Ali Iloun Kashkouli

Vice-President for Finacial and  Administrative Affairs

Dr. Mohamad Hossein Nikdarasl

Dean of the Faculty of  Literature and Humanities Science

Dr. ALi Taheri Far

Dean of the Faculty of Science

Dr. Kourosh Goudarzi

Dean of  the Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Mehdi Nouri Pour

Dean of  the Faculty of Agriculture

Dr. Roghaye Zolfaghari

Director of  the Institute of Natural Resources

Dr. Younes Shekari

Dean of  the Faculty Gachsaran Oil and Gas

Dr. Behrouz Vaseghi

Director of the Research Affairs

Dr. Mehdi Sharif Zadeh

Director of the Graduate Affairs

Dr. Bahador Karami

Faculty Member of the Department of Chemistry

Dr. Amin Mousaie

Faculty Member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Ali Bagheri

Faculty Member of the Department of Political Science

Eng. Siyavash Bagheri

Director of the Academic Affairs

Dr. Azizolah Jafari

Director of the Institute of Medicinal Plants

Dr. Asghar Mirfardi

Faculty Member of the Department of Social Science

Hujjatulislam. Ghasem Moghadam

Director of the Office for the Supreme Leader,s representative at the University